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About Me

I love discovering what nature has to offer us and the skills that would have been commonplace for our ancestors but are fading out today.

I have been practicing various outdoor skills for about 8 years years before going on to complete an NCFE level 4 bushcraft course. On this course I spent 3 days a month living in the woods for a year, being immersed in skill building all day and evening. Then for the rest of the month I studied and did practical homework to further build those skills.

I’m very patient and hope to ignite a spark of interest in anyone who feels drawn to nature but perhaps feels like they don't know where to start.

I very much welcome complete beginners. Equally, I feel I can learn from my students and am always open to hearing your stories and experiences and tailoring my courses based on my evaluations of past courses.

You can see what interests me on Instagram @alex_uk_bushcraft.

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